Socio - Econimic Advantages

Socio - Econimic Advantages of Sugarcane

1. It will increase health of people considerably. Diseases will decrease.
2. Mal nutrition will be abolished. Expenses on doctors and will be reduce heavily. Contribution of this tiny machine to maintain health of the society will more than what doctors contribute to improve the health of the society.
3. Prosperity of villages will increase considerably. This revolutionary machine will increase wealth of villages more than what government spends on rural development.
4. Exploitation and bullyism of giant sugar mills will refuce considerably. This revolutionary tiny machine has capacity to close down giant sugarcane mills by silent, nonviolent revolution of selling fresh sugarcane juice.
5. Sale of foreign soft drinks will reduce considerably. Similerly sale of beer and vine will reduce. On the whole people will become happy and prosperous. So running a fresh sugarcane center is humanitarian service. Great results will come from this activity. And this highly profitable also.